THE V.I.P. DOOR - Collectors Edition

JUMP THE QUEUE and take an intimate look behind the curtains with the V.I.P DOOR. This larger prestige format showcases DOORMAN in its highest quality, contained within a box case (9.5" x 14" inches) complete with access via door knob.This volume will include the complete scripts along with the rough artwork for all four books. A cover art galley. Original artwork from the film The DOORMAN, set stills and exclusive storyboard panels from pre-productions. Sliding Doors an insightful look at the process of adapting the story to comics. Afterwords by the writer, actor and creator of DOORMAN Mark Diaco about his journey researching as a nightclub doorman, writing the script for film then during the pandemic pivoting the source material it into a graphic novel and what the film version might look like moving forward. 
For all the completest out there... this is one door you don't want closed.


This book is estimated delivery in FEB 2022

Doorman - V.I.P. Door Collectors Edition