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Mark Diaco is set to play Pale in Lanford Wilson's 1987 play Burn This. Directed by Iain Sinclair

Two unlikely strangers are brought together by a mysterious death, their connection sparks a chemistry too explosive to ignore. When Anna (Burgess) a serious-minded choreographer meets Pale (Diaco) a hothead restaurant manager, the grief-stricken couple are drawn to each other despite their best impulses.

Set in a lower Manhattan loft apartment in 1985. New York, a far cry from the city it is today. Abandoned streets, crumbling buildings full of decay.

Crime-ridden, sanitation strikes, morally bankrupt with a raging drug and AIDS epidemic comes Burn This.

A about a city in transitions and classic romantic love-triangle in transcendence, but much rougher around the edges.

The New York Times raves: ‘Burn This cherishes every involuntary spark of feeling that suddenly lights up the darkness.’.

In an age of disconnectedness, don’t miss Lanford Wilson’s smouldering play of isolation, denial, friendship, art, identity and passion and discovery.


Mark Diaco (PALE)

Anna Burgess (ANNA)

Mark Yeates (LARRY)

Alex Cooke (BURTON)

Tuesday 12th May (Preview)

Weds 13th May (Opening)


14th - 24th May 2020


Fortyfive Downstairs

45 Flinders Lane MELB, VIC 2000

Get Tickets:


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