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DOORMAN - The graphic Novel

Chameleon. Mercenary. Enforcer. Doorman. Jack is the gatekeeper to the underworld of Melbourne. He decides who gets in and who gets out...alive. With a talent for putting the right people through the right doors, Jack will decide the fate of the forgotten, the damned and the city itself.

(Synopsis) Doorman is the thrilling graphic novel debut of Australian Actor/writer/illustrator Mark Diaco that follows the violent and morally ambiguous life of enigmatic doorman Jack whose tight-knit life and code unravels as he is thrust into the gritty underworld when a Sudanese refugee turns up dead at Jack’s work. People smuggling, dealing, swinging and government black ops work - Jack handles it all, placing him at the center of a conspiracy that threatens to rip apart the city and himself to determine what kind of society we will have and what kind of world it will be.

DOORMAN - The Graphic Novel the Kickstarter Campaign is Live now


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