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HST return's with THE LONG RED ROAD (Play)

After a 4 year hiatus the boy's are back at it ...Mark and Co's last production was the cult classic 'One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest' back in 2011. The Co-founders Mark Diaco and Justin Hosking branched out to other company and different media's. HST has been recognised for it thought provoking content and high-calibre naturalistic acting.

HST's first production back from it's 4 year hiatus will be Brett C Leonard's The Long Red Road.

SEASON 29 July - Aug 16 2015

THEATRE Fortyfive Downstairs

PLAYWRIGHT Brett C. Leonard

DIRECTOR David Myles


Mark Diaco / Sam Lee Mason / Bob Liza Meagher / Annie Marissa O'Reilly / Sandra Anjelica Angwin / Tasha

Red Horse / Clifton


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