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Introducing The KIN Collective

KIN Collective Theatre Company

Having established Human Sacrifice Theatre (HST)as a company with thought-provoking, contemporary & classic productions. Mark Diaco co-founds The KIN Collective a company which will be geared towards original material written specifically for the group. F​​ormed in mid 2011 after its members met and worked together under the expert tutelage of acclaimed acting coach Larry Moss.

The ensemble itself is made up of an exceptionally unique combination of actors – from some of the Australian stage and screen’s most well-known and respected actors (Noni Hazlehurst, Michala Banas, Marg Downey, Keith Brockett); to its independent theatre greats (Mark Diaco, Linc Hasler, Laura Maitland); to our most recent and exciting acting graduates (Tom Barton, Dan Hamill).​ It is this combination of experience, raw talent and unerring commitment to the craft of acting that has already attracted enormous attention within the theatre and wider arts community.​


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