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Mark set to play title role in Lett's super dark comedy“White trash Gothic with a comic-book spin”

- New York Times

Joe Cooper (Diaco)

Chris Smith takes us through the many things that can go wrong when trying to kill your mother for her insurance policy.

Probably shouldnʼt have given his virgin sister to the hired gun Killer Joe as a down payment, for a start. Unbelievably, this story is inspired by true events.

Steppenwolf resident writer Tracy Letts, infamous for August: Osage County writes with the savage ferocity of a rabid doberman. Steadily drowning the stage with a suspense that will keep you enraptured well beyond the final crack of the gunshot. The Pulitzer Prize / Tony award winning writer has penned what quite possibly could be one of the most offensive plays ever read. It is the shouting bogan you canʼt help but look at from a distance.

With roots deep in our animalistic consciousness, Lettsʼ characters will climb all over each other to avoid being the runt. Not for the faint hearted.

Killer Joe is X-rated in every sense of the word. Full frontal nudity, blood, gunfire, chicken fellatio and general unethical trailer park behaviour. True to form, Blackwater Theatre have picked another play saturated in deep subtext and smacking with with a guilty black humour... NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

KILLER JOE by Tracy Letts

Directed by Daniel Frederiksen.

CAST: Mark Diaco, Michael Argus, Sarah Hallam, Matilda Reed & Michael Robins

PREVIEWS:                      4th, 5th Nov

OPENING NIGHT:          6th Nov 7:30 pm

SEASON:           7th to 23rd Tuesday - Saturday 7:30pm, Sunday all shows 6pm


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