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KIN Collective gives a 'GLIMPSE' inside debuts production

Facebook. Twitter. Youtube. iPhones. Skype. We’ve never lived closer to the people around us.

It’s never been easier to keep in touch; to stay in the loop; to keep our finger on the pulse of the world. But in this tangle of technology, it’s easier than ever to turn a blind  eye to the fleeting connections we make in our everyday lives.​ But what would happen if we let those moments blossom and bloom? If a casual glance became a heartfelt conversation, if a chance meeting grew into a lifelong relationship?​ What if we finally caught a glimpse of the world around us?  What would we see?​

And how hard would we fight to keep it?​ GLIMPSE tells the story of eight strangers, whose worlds are not as far apart as they appear.


Fortyfive Downstairs

45 Flinders Street, Melbourne

Bookings: 9662 9966



14 November - December 2, 2012

(PREVIEW): 14th November

TUES – SAT  8pm show. Sun 6pm


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