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In a world where a pharmaceutical drug gives couples the ability to stay in the honeymoon period forever, we watch a couple meet and years later break up in two different laundromats.

Written by Adam Ciancio and his leads and Chloe Boreham and Mark Diaco what you see are two improvised performances that on the night brought about two of the most realest performances you'll see between a pair of actors.

Shot over two nights in Melbourne the film has gone on to screen at Toronto Shorts, Freshflix and Cinequest Bucharest, whilst taking out best film,director,actor,music and writing at the Indie Film Awards.

Directed by Adam Ciancio


Lana - Chloe Boreham

Fallon - Mark Diaco

Produced by Klopak

Fallon (Diaco)


Best Actor 

Mark Diaco

Best Short Film 


Best Director

Adam Cancio

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